In Today's Business Internet Security and keeping your network running properly is Priority Number ONE!

Your business relies on the relationships and trust of your clients. To keep that trust and protect their information along with your business data you need security. Your internet connection is a pipeline to the world, but it's also a pipeline from the world to you. You need to take steps to ensure that the wrong people can't access your network.

We at BeSecureNet, LLC specialize in protecting business networks. We have been a partner with Dell SonicWALL for several years and have over 20 years of IT experience to rely on. .

We also are an IT consulting business. We build, manage and service networks of all kinds including servers, workstations, software, network wiring, managed VPN's and configure a variety of firewalls. We like to consider ourselves your One Stop Shopping for IT services.

We are very excited to share our new product offering! NextGen Anti-Virus or Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). Please watch and see why your business is better protected from todays threats with EDR.

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